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The pursuit of L.E.A.P. Project is to be at the center of the world's digital edutainment culture primarily targeting kids and teen markets through the establishment of dynamically interactive edutainment environments online and offline. Armed with a strong partnerships and alliances with governments and community based organizations and I.T.- leading partners throughout the world, the project is uniquely positioned to facilitate a highly profitable business model and strengthen its global and localized marketing capacity through a carefully designed, coordinated and implemented online/offline total web-based businesses strategy.

Learn First from our various e-Learning modules and
Earn Cyber cash and points after completing our e-Learning modules
And Get ready to access our
Play Various entertainment contents and e-commerce system

Safe, Fun and Informative on/offline place for kids & teens
providing dynamically interactive e-Learning and e-Edutainment
modules, games and activities that drive kids and teens to
communicate, entertain and educate themselves

e-Edutainment Publishing is an online full-service edutainment
portal with interactive edutainment contents for kids and teens.
e-Edutainment Cafe is an e-Edutainment Center network that
aggregates and incorporates the Membership of existing
Internet cafes/e-Learning Centers and portable L.E.A.P. P.O.D.'s
(Port-Of-Delivery) with a franchising model.
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