The new standard in edu-tainment...
everything else is just a game!
L.E.A.P. SMART Learning Centers & ULTRAPLAY Cafe's….Global 'REAL-WORLD' Information, Knowledge and Fun is Coming Home Soon to
a Community Near You!

The L.E.A.P. SMART Learning Centers are the offline/online place to promote and access e-Learning and Edu-tainment contents as well as other informative localized 'Real-World' Knowledge & Information sources through the internet. Ultra-Play L.E.A.P. Cafe’ bridge the online community with offline physical locations offering Gamers the social interaction and instantaneous communication they demand.

Membership Cafes
Global membership network by aggregating existing community based Internet cafes and learning centers to provide turn-key global market penetration and localized for our Good Network, Kewl World Intranet, L.E.A.P. SMART Edutainment System and our various contents, applications, services and technologies.

Main Franchising & Remodeling
High quality and high-value edutainment business franchises which combine the integration of newly built and or redeveloped large, medium and small café and learning centers and the remodeling of existing large, medium and small café and learning centers to form the main foundation of our private global community network.
L.E.A.P. Smart Network