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16 Nov 05
The UltraBrowser

How do you keep people inside your browser environment? How do you protect your children from visiting the wrong sites and not have them bypass your Net Nanny application? How do you provide a browser customized for your company, social group, fan club or bridge club?

Occasionally I run across an exciting product and I recently was given a demonstration of a product called UltraBrowser, Looking down the feature set you see dual toolbar settings, multiple themes and skin support, an integrated pop-up blocker, built in functionality for searching and password protected URL access.

The product allows complete control from a single URL access to the whole of the web. Instead of blocking sites, it starts with a database of allowed sites that can be built on. Think of it as more like a controlled portal that a parent could replace IE with. Thy then have the confidence that the sites they have visited were all covered. Email, chat and media access can be customized to suit any environment while allowing the necessary web functionality required for the business or home environment.

Craig Hovendove, CEO of UB Asia, is currently working with some local web cafes to provide such and environment for local children under the Good Network label. Add in a scheme where the children earn points to play games and other activities by completing education modules and the web cafe focus shifts from a place where children sit mindlessly in front of a computer screen to an education center. The scheme already has government support and will be in a location near you in the near future.

For other companies interested in such a concept or if you are interested in assisting the youth of Thailand, you can visit, check out or contact UB Asia at

The UltraBrowser people also work closely with, the home of the current top web filtering technology. I'll be keeping an eye on the development of this community here in Thailand and see it as a positive use of the local broadband network. I also expect to see a lot of interest from local parents concerned about the World Wide Web in general.

To answer the obvious question that some of you may have in the forefront of your mind, the UltraBrowser people have already refused to supply the technology to some local countries and governments wanting to control all WWW access within their domains.
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